Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden Update #3

Oops Sunday came and went and an update was forgetting.

Not much to tell, Other then a new snake was discovered and removed. They all live on just not in my garden.

Fruit Trees:
Slow but changing.
Pears again we won't embarrass them
Appples turning more sunkissed with every sunny day
Plums are getting bigger still green, not a fuzzy, a few at the very top have color.

Mole. Snakes. Bees.  Check-Check-Check

From Aug 1 - 18 growth in pictures

I did not finish my raised vegetable bed clean out and redirt. My poor excuse...    Work.
I have two Etsy shops 1 & 2 and twitter and facebook and it's all online. Something changed in the air last week and I received a handful or orders that have taken over my studio. Glad for the work but the garden ends up a bit neglected. Really need to work on my time management.

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