Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprized myself

I have found a love for Bees. Yep those things I used to run screaming from. Swat at if it came within 5 feet of me or hold my breath until someone else shooed it away. But last week I was able to shock myself and fall in love with them. While out documenting in pictures the growth of the plums and apples a patch of bright yellow dandelions caught my eye. They had grown quite large and tall. Kneeling down to take a few close-up pictures a bee landed on the very one I was photographing. And there it was. I didn't scream, shoo, hold my breath or run away. Instead I took the picture. Then proceeded to follow this little bee from flower to flower. Taking what felt like 100 pictures. 

I sat watching this bee happily work minding his own business and paying no attention to me for what seemed like an hour. He did get close and I did NOT freak. He buzzed, hovered and  landed on flowers that were touching my knees. He slowly and curiously came to my camera a few times never landing just looking or smelling and then would move on to the closest bloom. I realize he doesn't want me, doesn't care about me and wouldn't hurt me. All this time I had them out to be mean stinging machines, forgetting that if he stings me he dies and why would he purposely do that unless I was about to get his prized possession... his queen. So this bee and I are now friends. And the next ones I meet will be treated with respect.

What has a critter...
stinging, biting, soft or cute and fuzzy,
taught you lately?

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