Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blackberry Heaven


Blackberries have finally ripened. Not all of them and not in the most reachable spots. But the ones I could get to, without being stuck a thousand times by thorns, were beyond ready to pick. Most fell off the stem with the lightest touch. And pleased to say the Bees and I did just fine together.

Something about picking a berry and eating it right away. A quick little blow across it seems to make me feel like they are clean and bug free. But once the berry melts in your mouth all thoughts of dirt and bugs quickly leave your mind. A few nibbles later and the rest became the best addition to Greek Honey Yogurt.

 I don't think I will be able to get enough berries to eat and also preserve. The Hot Pacific Northwest Sun was a bit late and only stuck around for 3 weeks. So those green barely there berries turned in a hurry. Birds have found them and some are beyond being able to hold for picking. So all this week I will just be armed with my bowl and maybe thick leather/rubber pants (or ask The Soldier to do it) and eat berries everyday.


  1. I love it--> Hopefully your belly does too. I want a blackberry.....

  2. Come on over Ms. Lu I will pick a bowl for you...

  3. If you have access to Ft Lewis, go to the bit that runs along the Nisqually River. Berries Galore! ;)