Wednesday, September 7, 2011

made a few changes

Sometimes a change is good and once in a while it is great. Thanks to Erika I have a fun background and have been inspired to look at my blog(s) again with fresh eyes. That and free templates help too.

I chose: Modern Patriot 
For obvious reasons. The classic colors and because it reminded me of the pattern on the top of jam jars. It will still work if we make it out to the Giant Island affectionately called OZ (the flag colors are similar)

A few Other changes... The Banner at the top. That is from a Coaster I made to test out an ink and see how well it would show in photographs. I thought it looked pretty good and matched me more then using a produced put together thing that didn't feel like it had ME in it. 

New background, new banner and some new buttons. Why the change up? Life is changing, my style clothes are changing, my creative outlets are changing. Felt the Blog should change with me. 


  1. tehlia! this is you! in fact, i was going to message you with this theme! i saw it and thought that with your new picture of your "oh so i gotta have those" black heels retro feel picture it would fit perfectly. it's got that brighten up your day, bring your old 1940's singer sewing machine out of the closet and turn on some swing music feel. i honestly love it. and thanks for the blog mention. i feel special =)

  2. YAY!!! glad you like it. And of course I had to mention you. This place wouldn't look so great if you hadn't lead the way.

  3. Love the new bog lay out, can't wait to work on tutorial together.