Monday, September 26, 2011

Made a commitment

The blog has officially moved to Wordpress. Not sure how it came about other then a want to have even more control over how the site looks and finding information within it faster. So a few days have been spent with a few more to get everything from all the blogs moved over and in fantastic order. 

Although I am content having two actually 3 journals/blogs/sites going at once (perhaps I should see a therapist) I am enjoying having all my many personalities in one spot. I would love for you to stop by and say hello.

The Forks Farm on WordPress is a creation to express more of myself. A mix of Army Wife Living, Art, Food and Life. Feature all the shops in one place and giving a voice to every part that makes me ME. 

One thing I am rather excited about is the fact that you can simple click on one link in the blog to get all the Urban farm dream updates and random pin up housewife fiasco's with some forks on etsy updates.

I have imported all the posts from this blog to Wordpress so no one is missing comments and you can see how the shops have progressed over the years. 
Stop by Say Hi

If you are interested in getting quick updates and finding out about specials in the shop

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