Monday, September 19, 2011

making decisions

The Plan... We have had a loose plan for a few years. The "when we are out of the Army" plan. And that plan always contained a bit of travel. Our plan had Australia in mind 90% of the time. As the "out of the army" date ever so slowly gets closer we are making a few decisions that center around saving money for that trip. Does this mean we might eat out less? Perhaps. Does it mean Happy Hour becomes cheap happy dinner out if we do go out? Definitely. This may hamper the idea of getting animals (chickens & goats) and having a functioning late season vegetable patch. Not only for the reason of moving in less then a year and placing our things in storage. But as the list grew of things we will need so did the price point and although we are thrifty and handy in adapting things to work for us. The end result was do we need it or should we save the money. I raised my hand and said save the money.

Although I won't be documenting my growing garden and mini farm critters I will be glad to document the ones I visit. Friends you know who you are. I leave you with a great picture of a friend from an evening out at a 1960's themed Cocktail party.

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