Friday, September 9, 2011

picked a plum

It was beautiful outside today. The middle of September in Washington is normally not 86 degrees with a clear blue sky. It has been this way for the past 4 weeks and you can see the excitement on people as the days move along with the same weather report for the next few days to come. We are an easy crowd to please. So Summer was late, rain stuck around a little longer then most would have liked, but now with the days shortening but getting warmer we smile. 

The other smiles come from the fruit trees in the yard. We did have a day of rain around the 30th or so of August and that rain made the world explode. Balckberries went crazy, so did the weeds in the yard and the Mole. The other big change, the plums took on a bit of color around Sept 2nd. I patiently waited for more color, for the rest of the tree to turn. Keeping an eye on the one in all the photos. Hoping that a wind wouldn't knock him off or a hard rain split him open. I read things about this plum and watched a little longer. 

Plum fact 101: "wild" plums as opposed to farm, commercial plums... will not get big and round. The will be smaller then even the small sad plums at Walmart, They will be smaller then a Kiwi Fruit. Similar to the weight of a Mandarin "cutie".

I did not have it in me to pick my favorite plum just yet. He is looking to great and holding strong, but his neighbor was looking more ripe, deeper purple and a little give when squeezed. This picked plum is the all clean good looking fellow on the cutting board. And then I cut open the great looking plum and was Plum disappointed...

Looking Good

Um What's That ? ? ?



A very sad plum and a very bummed almost urban
farmer I became. No taste test today. Hope the rest of the plums are happy edible ones.


  1. So sad.
    Was it fully infested? Cause it looks like there was a spot that I might have bitten into..... We need a plum tree!

  2. I probably could have braved it. But was a little turned off. There was a bit of a crunching grainy sound as I cut.

  3. I would have been disappointed too. Soon, my dear. Have patience.

  4. We have those little baby plum trees in our neighborhood too. After hearing your comment about the weather in Washington, I have a feeling we're very close :)
    The weather has been absolutely beautiful here.. until today. The rain has arrived.
    Have a wonderful weekend!